3am musings

First and foremost, let me get this off my chest – if you do decide to read my blogposts from several years ago, kindly consider the fact that I was younger then because – I admit –  they can be quite embarrassing.

It’s 3.14 am as I’m typing this. I’ve just finished baking cookies to give some of my friends later. I didn’t make much – enough for 9, 1 large soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie for each person. What’s the occasion, you might ask? I graduate from poly today. I had imagined graduation to be an occasion to be proud of but, honestly, I don’t have strong feelings about it.

I should really sleep, especially as I require ample rest to fuel me for a busy day ahead but I drank a full mug of strong black coffee less than 3 hours ago. I honestly tried, but my attempts have been futile. Coffee works that way for me.

I was browsing through Pinterest earlier and having chanced upon writing tips made me realise just how much I miss writing. I’ve always enjoyed writing (novels) but hardly have the commitment to complete them. When it comes to reading, I bask in a writer’s ability to describe a situation so well, allowing readers to precisely picture the situation. I aspire to write that well. InsyaAllah I will make time for it once the buzz in my life has died down. The past week has been bustling but I’m not complaining because I take pleasure in knowing I’ve made full use of my time. I love being productive but sometimes, the laze bugs just get the better of you, you know? They can be quite insisting…

Love, Amelia





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