Sea Of Books

I went to the library for the first time in ageeees and it made me so ridiculously happy. Being enveloped in a sea of books and its enticing smell reminded me of just how much I loved reading and, simply, books. I walked out of the library 5 books heavier.

One of the books I borrowed is recommended by a friend – it discusses life after a spouse’s death. Another is a cliche teenage romance, 2 others are bakery- romance themed and the last is also romance but set in a hospital. If it isn’t obvious enough, I love to read romance novels.  It used to make me feel really silly because I know there is more to life than romantic love and, oddly, I felt envious whenever I encounter bookworms raving about non-romance related books. I’m not ashamed of it anymore because, really, why do I have to be ashamed of something I like? I also love love love bakery-themed books. It’s funny – the word bakery on its own is capable of sending sparks of glee inside of me. I love baking and whenever I imagine the glorious foods (breads especially), engulfing sweet aroma and cosy ambience of a rustic, wooden-furnished, yellow-lighted store (how I imagine my ideal bakery to be), I just fall deeply in love.

And I notice that I tend to enjoy reading books written by English authors more than American.  There’s just something more appealing about the way they phrase their sentences, their choice of words and simply, their aura.

I’m 3/4 through the teenage romance novel and I must say I am disappointed by how fast things are moving. There were barely any relationship progression and all of a sudden, they began to like each other and were kissing. I personally regard kissing as a big thing, where religion isn’t a concern. It should be saved for someone you love; not someone you simply like. People pass around kisses like nobody’s business. It mortifies me. The story also discusses life issues surrounding the 2 main characters – that appeals to me more than the romance, honestly.

I will share about the books in greater detail once I’ve finished reading them, so that I can squeeze in a brief review. I’m very excited to start on the bakery-themed ones but I’m careful about harbouring high expectations for the fear of disappointment.

Love, Amelia



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