I suck at titles when what I want to talk about doesn’t have a theme, so I’ve decided for such posts, I will just title them as ‘Babbles’ categorised under – yep, you guessed it – ‘Babbles’. I figure adding categories would be convenient for readers and myself. It’s also useful for readers who might be sensitive towards certain type of posts (i.e. rants). If you’re one of them, kindly avoid all my rants, thanks.

My blog is still under construction – there are still tons of uncategorised posts. I am going to categorise each post to neaten my blog because I am a quite anal about organisation. I’m also going to remove some posts. I recently converted from Tumblr, so there are a lot of reblogged pictures and posts. I don’t quite fancy them being here so I’m going to delete them but keep them on my initial personal blog. I am also going to clean up that blog, but I’ll leave that for later.

If you wonder why I have 3 blogs, here’s why (skip if you’re not concerned): my main Tumblr is for reblogging images or quotes I identify with or enjoy looking at – but, I maintain its aesthetic. My other Tumblr is where majority of the posts here came from. It used to be where I rant and talk about personal things as well as reblog images or quotes that doesn’t quite fit my main blog. Now, however, I will post all my lengthy personal posts here, and leave my personal Tumblr primarily for reblogging images or quotes.

…I suppose I’m rather fussy when it comes to things like this, hahah. I utterly love my main Tumblr though. It’s simple but I spent a long time customising the design. Took care of it like it’s my baby, and I occasionally drop by just to revel in the fruits of my (scant) labour. And if you’re wondering, my URL comes from my self-created Korean name, Shin Ji Hye, 신지혜 (‘hye’ pronounced as ‘hey’).

Love, Amelia



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