After Borrowing

Remember I said I borrowed 5 books? Yeah, I only managed to complete 1. 3 books were unfinished and 1 was completely untouched (The Life Intended by Kristin Harmel). That was all I could manage in 2 long months. How sad.

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However, to defend myself, I chose not to finish one of the books (Some Kind Of Normal by Juliana Stone) because it was too ‘teenage-romance’ for my liking. I thought high-school/teenage romance cliches appeal to me, but I learnt that its appeal only applies to movies. Perhaps it’s because reading requires more of my time and if I had to invest my time in reading, I’d rather read a book that has an unpredictable plot.

I could almost finish another book (When In Doubt, Add Butter by Elizabeth Harbison) but didn’t because I caved and read the ending. It spoiled the fun for me so I stopped reading it. YOU NEVER READ THE ENDING. You just don’t. It’s like a spoiler for movies. It ruins everything. I find that this always happens to me, unfortunately. Even with dramas. Whenever I get too eager to know what happens but am not patient enough to watch the events leading up to it play out, I will read recaps AND THEN mentally throttle myself for succumbing to my temptations and spoiling the fun. What made me want to read the book was the development of romance that stemmed simply from written messages passed between 2 characters. Other than that, the storyline was average. There were also scenes I would much rather not read (read: bed scenes).

I barely touched the fourth book (Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan), although it was the book I was most excited to read. I knew I would love the style of writing and I was right because the author is British, but she used far too many new vocabulary I had to look up the dictionary every 10 minutes. It was disruptive and tiring, but I promise myself I will pick up the book again because I really do want to know what happens. Plus, we’re talking about bakery. I utterly adore bakery-themed books.

Image result for I'm Still Here (Je Suis Là)

Alas, the only book I managed to complete is the one above. It was originally in French but was translated by- I presume -an American author because the writing sounds very American. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It’s romance-themed set in a hospital, revolving around a man and a woman who’s in a coma . I can understand how the woman in the coma could fall in love with the man who bares his soul to her (as she can listen and formulate her response in her mind) but the man, too, falls in love with a woman. How interesting is that? No matter how I think about it, it simply doesn’t make sense to me. How do you fall in love with someone you barely know and cannot engage in a proper communication with. I wanted to find out how. I could almost accept the concept but halfway through I realised that I’m reading from the point of view of both the characters so I’m aware of either of their thoughts, but for the man, he hasn’t got a clue what she’s thinking. In the end, I still couldn’t comprehend how something like that can happen.  But, it was still fun to read.

Finally, from this experience, I learnt that I shouldn’t overestimate my capabilities, especially as I’m only getting back to reading. Lmao.

Love, Amelia



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