Thoughts: Beauty Work

Hello, again.

So I was just thinking.

Physical alterations to the body has become so rampant that people are now finding it acceptable to do so. Before I delve deeper, makeup is not included because makeup does not provide permanent changes.

I find it so bloody scary that SO many people are doing it.

For instance, in Asia, as it has been since centuries ago, having fairer skin equals to greater beauty. We are hard-wired to automatically view fairer individuals as being more beautiful. Heck, I used to think that until I learned to accept that the world IS made of this whole variety of skin colours, and all of them are equally beautiful. If it isn’t confirmation enough, look at just HOW many Asians who’ve become fairer (and pinkier – you know?) on Instagram. Honestly. Nearly all of the most famous female Asian public figures on Instagram are fair. Celebrities are getting fairer. So many cosmetic products that claims to whiten the skin are being circulated, and so many people are endorsing them. Celebrities are even coming up with their own product that whitens, and that appeals to SO many individuals. Why? Why do people go crazy about wanting to be fair? God has created so many beautiful skin colours – why do we want to change that so bad? Isn’t it boring? Nearly every popular person looks the same now (I’m mostly talking about Malaysians (honestly, no offence) because they literally flood my feed). Previously, each time they pop up on my feed, my initial reaction would be to ogle at them – “wow, she’s so fair”, “her skin looks beautiful”, “she’s so beautiful” – but ogling after ogling had me ‘shook’ (as they say it), because so many people are looking like that nowadays. So boring. Colours are fun! Afterall, it is how the world is made. Shouldn’t we embrace that?

But, of course, that’s not all. I find that so many people are becoming more physically beautiful in recent years. Now, I don’t doubt that there are naturally beautiful individuals. At the same time, I learnt that so many people have undergone cosmetic alterations. Hollywood celebrities, Korean celebrities, public figures on Instagram from all over the freaking world, you name it. I know because most of them are not being silent about the work that had been done, and even if they are, it’s pretty damn obvious. Because it has become so rife, people are no longer ashamed of sharing it to the world. But it got me thinking. How bloody scary is it that people are okay with permanently changing the look that God has given them? They change how they look, and then take credit for it. I feel silly for constantly admiring people whose looks aren’t even real. Honestly. I think the human race is already pretty f-ed up. Our ideas of beauty are very distorted (as much as we try to change that, those ideals are going to linger) and the fact that so many people are adjusting how they truly look is just so frightening. And it’s sad that so many young people, especially girls, are looking at those beauty icons and wishing they are pretty as them when so many of them have had work done.

Now, I know I constantly discuss about the topic of beauty, I know there are more important qualities that can be talked about and I know there are people who believes that *external beauty is something that shouldn’t be complimented on because it’s what one is born with, unlike, say, intelligence, strength, what have you. But, come on, we’re humans. We make snap judgments about someone based on their exterior. We are more attracted to those who are good-looking at first sight. And subsequently, we compliment. Because looks are the first thing we see about someone! I’d be lying if I said someone’s looks doesn’t appeal to me. It’s almost as if it’s automatic. In fact, I’m quite certain it is. Now, you might think: “Exactly! This is the reason why people alter their look.” Makes sense, but! – I think we all know what truly matters at the end of the day is our interior. And, even so, it doesn’t make changing our natural look okay. Because, there is no such thing as perfection in this world – not everyone are born beautiful, that’s the reality of life. Some are more beautiful than others, true, and we acknowledge that. But after we’ve passed that automatic stage of admiring someone because of their physical features, we should get over it and understand that there are far more things to love and admire about a person other than how they look.


Before I digress and start discussing about my journey towards accepting myself which is not the point of this post, I’ll just end off by saying that people are so fake nowadays. That’s honestly what I came to say. Goodbye.

Love, Amelia

*I beg to differ. After all, one can also be born nicer, or smarter, or greater in certain areas than others. Although looks aren’t the most important thing, if it’s okay for someone to be complimented on their other characteristics, why can’t they be complimented on how they look? And even if you tell me you will try your best to avoid doing so, you’re still going to end up doing it. It’s a matter of whether you simply leave it as a thought or verbalise it.


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