Picture1Welcome to my blog, a space where my soul is laid bare, thoughts and emotions expressed, unfiltered.

I am not sure why but I secretly like it when I read blogs knowing a little bit about the author. In that respect, I will share a list of facts about myself:

  1. I turn 20 this year.
  2. I seek solace in being at home where I live with my 3 siblings and parents.
  3. The family member I am closest to is my mother. We are very much alike so we enjoy doing many things together. However, because our likeness extends to also our negative traits, it makes us rather susceptible to squabbles, hahah.
  4. I am introverted and shy so I only have a handful of friends – 8, to be specific – but I am constantly grateful for those 8 wonderful friends that I have had the privilege of meeting. Interestingly, I have a few from each of my academic milestone – 2 from primary school, 4 from secondary school and 2 from polytechnic.
  5. I am very, very expressive. It is especially apparent when I am happy, angry, annoyed or excited.
  6. One of my idiosyncrasies is always talking to myself. My brother calls me crazy, but it is really just me verbalising my thoughts. Because it has become a habit, I sometimes slip and mumble to myself in public. And then remember I’m in public, and mentally slap myself for forgetting that.
  7. My alma maters are Dunman Secondary – favourite subjects include English and Additional Mathematics – and Temasek Polytechnic, where I studied Psychology.
  8. I am passionate about children and their welfare.
  9. My hobbies include singing, cooking, baking, writing and household shopping (most of the time just window shopping).
  10. I utterly adore Audrey Hepburn. She is the epitome of grace and elegance.
  11. I am fond of history and all things vintage. They’re not reflected in the things I own, but more of the things I enjoy looking at, watching and learning. I find pleasure in watching historical/ period dramas, learning about history, looking at vintage architecture (i.e. French Baroque architecture), etc. You will definitely have an idea if you browse through my Tumblr.
  12. One of my greatest resolutions for this year is to start reading again. I used to read a lot, but regrettably lost touch with it through the years. I desperately hope that my love for reading would be rekindled because I miss it so much.
  13. I’m learning Hangul (the Korean language) – very inconsistent and uncommitted, however – because I unabashedly fell victim to the Korean fever. South Korea is at the top of my list of countries to visit. I also kind of want to marry a Korean man.

If you’ve read this far, thank you! Hope you got to learn a little bit about me.

Love, Amelia