I’m Amelia. 

I hail from Singapore, and am currently pursuing a Social Work Bachelor’s Degree at Singapore University of Social Sciences.

I developed a sudden love for writing when I was in secondary school, though I have never been very good at it when I was in primary school. I like that I am able to put my thoughts into words, because I am not very good at verbally expressing my feelings.

Writing about my feelings helps overcome what emotionally upsets me, and often leave me feeling freer, lighter and happier. Ultimately, this blog aims to share my feelings, thoughts and opinions. My posts are often kept very raw, unfiltered and personal, because that’s how I like it; those are the kind of writings I love to read, because it makes me feel connected to the person. We are a single species connected because our life aren’t all sunshine and rainbows. We are not perfect – we get angry, we feel sad, we make mistakes. That’s the truth of life. No matter how perfect someone’s life seems, it is a fact that everyone is fighting their own battles.

I’d like for you to know a more about me because it makes our engagement a little bit more personal. The following is a list of some prominent facts about myself:

Fact 1: I’m an introvert.

Being around a crowd makes me uncomfortable. So do loud people. I seek solace in being at home, which is why I’m at home most of the time.

Fact 2: I am very, very expressive.

It is apparent when I am happy, angry, annoyed or excited. My facial expression says it all.

Fact 3: I talk to myself. A lot.

My brother calls me crazy, but it is really just me verbalising my thoughts.  And because it has become a habit, I sometimes forget and mumble to myself in public. And then realise that I am, in fact, in public, and mentally slap myself for not being more careful. I mean, it’s weird. I’m weird.

Fact 4: My alma maters are Dunman Secondary and Temasek Polytechnic. 

My favourite subjects in secondary school were English and Additional Mathematics. In polytechnic, I studied Psychology.

Fact 5: Children have a special place in my heart.

Fact 6: I love to sing

I really do, but have always been too shy to sing in front of people I’m not familiar with. My singing voice is very precious to me; I don’t just let anyone listen to me sing, so if I do, you are special.

That’s all I can think of for now. Hope these information helped you learn more about me.

Love, Amelia